Cosmetic Laser Advantage focuses on non-invasive, healthy skin care procedures with state of the art equipment. Our dedication to making your skin as beautiful and glowing as possible, while choosing to only use therapies proven to be healthy long-term, truly sets us apart from other aesthetic laser facilities in the Portland, OR area.

You don’t have to age like you used to!  Rediscover your youthful skin.

With a focus on modern skin care and anti aging technologies, our experienced Cosmetic Laser Advantage skin care professionals have compiled the most effective procedures for a host of unwanted and aging skin conditions including:

Facial & Body Acne

Are you plagued with body or facial acne that just won’t go away? We can help!

Uneven Skin Texture & Acne Scars

Rough or uneven skin texture can arise from many different causes, such as childhood diseases or acne scarring.

Fine Lines & Facial Wrinkles

Collagen and elastin production decrease as we age, and with them, skin firmness. Fight the aging process by stimulating new collagen growth with ClearLift laser skin rejuvenation.

Loose or Sagging Neck Skin

Are you relying on high-necked shirts and scarves to hide your neck from view? We will work with you to develop a specialized plan for your particular situation.

Sagging or Loose Arm Skin

We provide skin tightening for skin on your arms or body that is no longer firm and supple or is beginning to hang or sag.

Uneven Pigmentation & Dark Spots

Uneven pigmentation and dark or light spots can be reduced with light-based therapy on all skin types, evening out skin complexion.

Age Spots or Brown Spots

We reduce sun spots, brown spots, age spots and liver spots on the face, hands and the rest of the body. Reducing the appearance of photo aging helps maintain an overall more youthful appearance.

Freckles & Hyperpigmentation

You don’t have to live with freckles or uneven skin pigmentation. Enjoy the benefits of a clear complexion.

Facial Redness & Red Skin

Ready to reduce or eliminate facial and body redness? Breakthrough light-based technologies effectively reduce skin redness.

Unwanted Fine Facial Hair

If fine hairs or peach fuzz is a constant struggle, consider significantly reducing or eliminating it for good with laser skin resurfacing.

Coarse Body Hair

Unwanted body or facial hair can be a constant, embarrassing battle. Laser hair removal offers permanent hair reduction and removal so you can live worry free.

Sagging or Droopy Eyelids

If saggy or drooping eyelids are making you look older than you feel, you may benefit from skin tightening.

Unwanted Tattoos

If you are ready to put past tattoos behind you for good, our laser tattoo removal will help you do just that.


At Cosmetic Laser Advantage, we strive to provide the best cosmetic laser procedures in Portland, Oregon. We do this by first caring about the patient, understanding their goals, and forming a unique plan. If you have any questions about laser cosmetics or would like to set an appointment, contact us today.